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Loja Leblon, its imported products and history

Matthew A. Tompulis the owner of Loja Leblon and Tompulis Holdings LLC, has been a visitor of Brasil for the past 17 years and first landed there in 1998, where he was first struct by its natural beauty and natural surroundings.  "Being in Brasil left a long lasting impression on me with its people, culture, food and its fashion".    Tompulis learned Brasil puts quality into everything they do from food, clothing and of course the care in its farming industry.  "It made me curious why the products and materials we so different, and I learned that Brasil's natural resources and its climate, and soil was instrumental in growing top notch products and clothing has much of its natural resources in it".  The styles, colors, prints from its Swimwear to its Lingerie made such an impression on me.  "I also learned that Brasil had top notch Men's underwear".  "I am a foodie and no other place to get the fun food was none other than Brasil".  " I'm a self trained chef and have a great passion for food and where it comes from, so too I learned about Brasil's fashion industry from swimwear to lingerie and started sharing it in the US friend to friend and word of mouth".  Tompulis began selling swimwear out of the trunk of his car in 2010 after visiting swimwear, Lingerie, and Men's underwear manufactures and was amazed how the factories worked, how it treated its employees and the entire experience was eye opening.  "I saw firsthand how these Manufactures treated its employees and gave them breakfast at 7 AM, then start work at 8am, and also fed them lunch for a 2 hour lunch and they work until 4:30pm or 5PM and then go home".  "Its a relaxed environment and I believe that the quality comes from how the ladies who work there are treated".    Tompulis, partnered up with Bobby Wright to  opened his first store April 19, 2013 at 258 Granby Street Norfolk Virginia, ("Loja Leblon") the name of the store  which means, "store or shopping" and Leblon is a famous ritzy beach area in Rio De Janeiro.   Tompulis has done 9 fashion shows from Virginia Beach, Miami, NY City, and Washington DC.  "I find a great way for people to see what we are doing is to come see our fashion shows live and see our products in action".   Loja Leblon has been in business now 1 year and the swimwear, Lingerie and Men's underwear have been popular and its nuance being new to the block on Granby Street joining other department stores such as Urban Outfitters and Mac Arthur Mall.  Loja Leblon is on the corner of Market and Granby Street in Norfolk.  Its specializes in Brazilian Lingerie, Men's underwear, Bikinis, and Board shorts and it also has Brazilian hand made jewelry.  All products are made and manufactured in Brasil and imported by Tompulis Holdings LLC, who owns Loja Leblon the store.   Tompulis a originally from Chicago Il, who cooked in many greek restaurants in Chicago. Tompulis served in the military for 10 years and was  honorably discharged in 1996.  Tompulis worked in the banking industry for 16 years in sales, collections and worked legal accounts.   "Thank you to all our customers over the years whom believe in what our vision and our passion for fashion Brazilian style".  Come visit us and have a look for yourselves and let us know how were doing.    Our website is
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