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Environmental responsibility


environmental responsibility is our concern.

At Loja Leblon, a Tompulis Holdings LLC company an American company practices environmental responsibility by working together with companies in Brasil who are in fact environmentally friendly and responsible neighbors to our south.  We began our relationship by understanding how they worked.  We met with our Brazilian counterparts and toured their facilities and found they were not only environmentally sound but in fact they were also good to their employees and  treat them like family.   The companies we work closely together with are socially, economically, environmentally, and they work closely with local governments abroad to ensure they don't use child labor, so you will find their facilities are employee friendly and safety is the number one concern.  

As for Environmental Responsibility, we know that the survival of the planet is due to conservation of the environment and existing resources, such as water, energy and other materials extracted from nature.
This concern with the environmental issue is the role of every citizen and every company.
We at Loja Leblon take this very serious and we pride ourselves with working with, environmentally and socially responsible companies in Brasil.   The companies in Brasil practice safe waste management with its textile materials used to make the products are collected by companies duly licensed and environmentally correct.  They train all of their  employees about the importance in conserving the environment.  We are fortunate to be in partnership with these companies in Brasil.    For more information about products we proudly serve you, feel free to contact us via our email at sales@LojaLeblon.com or contact us on Facebook at Loja Leblon.  You can see all our products and descriptions at www.LojaLeblon.com and we are located at 258 Granby Street, Norfolk Virginia 23510.

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